Author Topic: Anti-wet sumping valves  (Read 8140 times)

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Re: Anti-wet sumping valves
« Reply #30 on: 22.12. 2009 09:15 »
 ???? ???? ???? ????
Never heard of that theory. But I could imagine it has something to do with the position of the winding yoke, that near TDC is not short circuiting the magnetic flux. But I wouldn't consider that a real problem with the AlNiCo-magnets used back then, because they hold their charge much better than the older ferrite ones. This had also been the reason for putting a piece of steel on the old (ferrite) horseshoe magnets when taking them out of the magneto body, for remagnetising for example. I've had several K2F bodies lie around for years without the armature and couldn't notice any loss in magnetism.
But for the older ferrite magnets this might well be an issue, actually never thought of that...
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Re: Anti-wet sumping valves
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Wow guys!
Thanks for all these responses; given that I'll be fitting a reconditioned oil pump (from Draganfly) I guess I'll see how that goes.  I also appreciate the comment that bikes should be started at least every couple of weeks if they're going to be laid up for some time.
Thanks again & please see another of my posts on torque settings.