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Missing gear
« on: 22.01. 2010 12:57 »
I have an intermittent gearbox problem with my 56 A10. It works ok, although sometimes feels a bit stiff, but suddenly when changing up to 2nd or 3rd there is no drive. I have to stop and play about with the gear lever and its ok again. I have replaced the gear selector plate which had some wear and also the return spring, but still the same. Any thoughts on this please.
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Re: Missing gear
« Reply #1 on: 22.01. 2010 13:27 »
Hi, have you tried looking at the camplate plunger? It`s a roughly 2" long tube coming out the bottom of the gearbox with a locknut. If you slacken the locknut and unscrew the plunger body, you can check the plunger and spring are free and not seized up. If all looks good put it back in and screw it in until you have a couple of threads left showing, or until the gearchange is not too stiff or loose. Bearing in mind, that if it`s too loose it`ll keep jumping out of gear, and if too tight, the gear change will be too notchy.
That`s the first thing i would check, hope that helps.    Rich     
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