Author Topic: how and when i set valve tappets?  (Read 1529 times)

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how and when i set valve tappets?
« on: 12.03. 2010 19:43 »
When do i have to set my valve tappets?
I have to turn engine until both inlet and exsaust valves are open?thats the correct time to set valve clearance?
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Re: how and when i set valve tappets?
« Reply #1 on: 12.03. 2010 20:29 »
Left cyl in fully open > adjust right in, same 'opposite-system' for the rest.
To find the exact point, remove plugs, put it in 4th, get the rear wheel off the ground and rotate.

Good instructions are in the owners manual, see page 22.

As for clearances, there may be several opinions, make your choice after searching the forum, and reading the relevant service sheets here. I've seen in .008 to .010, out .010 to .016 for plunger\iron head. Too much clearance is much safer than too small. Some members here may share their optimal and well tested clearance settings.

As to when, now and then, or after each weekly engine rebuild  ;) Good luck.

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