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Re: Centre stands
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            The CA7 frame should have the so called "Goldie" type of stand. It mounts with a stud and nuts which sandwich a tube between the lugs on which the stand pivots.

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             Possibly you are correct in your theory.
The four lugs were used on US bikes for sure as well as the few that seem to have landed here at that time.
The South Australian Police bikes had four lugs as well as a QD crinkle type hub on the rear, full width front.

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Re: Centre stands
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And also everybody else thanks for all the information. The stand is now in the hands of Station Workshops where it is going to be machined to fit. Now, I know you are all going to tell me different, but all the suppliers of BSA parts that had stands in stock told me that the earlier stand is unobtainium. The good news is that there is plenty of meat on the stand lugs and that it can be machined to size without compromising the structural integrity. Nothing is ever straight forward is it?