Author Topic: Plunger gearbox bushes and bearings  (Read 1618 times)

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Plunger gearbox bushes and bearings
« on: 16.03. 2010 21:55 »

I am rebuilding the gearbox on my plunger A7. Can anyone supply a parts list of the bushes and bearings for the box?

Also there is a '20B' or '20R' stamped on top of the top fixing/frame lug. Any suggetions what that stands for??

Open to changes to the bearing types if suggested.



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Re: Plunger gearbox bushes and bearings
« Reply #1 on: 19.03. 2010 15:04 »
Hi Alan,
I've recently overhauled my A10 SA gearbox and got my bearings from who were incredibly fast at delivering. I got a sealed bearing for the sproket end (6207) and removed the rubber seal on the inside.

As far as I know the bearings are the same in the plunger and SA models.

There are two bearings    
Original: Hoffman LS8   
O.D  1.875 in.    1  7/8
I.D.   .750 in.     3/4
thk.   .5625 in.     9/16
Replacement: General bearing LS8  (SKF RLS6) NLJ3/4   
Original: Hoffman 135 V3   
O.D  72 mm    2.83
I.D.   35 mm   1.38
thk.   17 mm   0.67
Replacement: General bearing 6207    
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