Author Topic: Kickstart jam!  (Read 3515 times)

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Kickstart jam!
« on: 29.03. 2010 14:04 »
I know that it is fairly common for the kickstart lever to jam at the top position and prevent the kickstart from moving down without rocking the bike back and forward but, has anyone found out how this can be eliminated? In the past I have changed the quadrant and the ratchet parts to no avail. Thanks, Alan.
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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #1 on: 29.03. 2010 18:32 »
One of the (many) things I'm trying to fix on my bike is just what you describe.. I was however able to free mine simply by using the clutch though, no need to rock the bike in gear.

I have now got my 'box apart to find (amongst other things!) that the quadrant is ok but the kickstart rachet pinion is badly worn. The kickstart stop is also very loose and badly chewed up.. I'm hoping that replacing these will help.

At present I have the inner case out with the shaft still stuck in it as it all came out together -  the rachet pinion bush seems to be jammed on the shaft...

One step forward, two back.... It may be a while before I can advise whether I've cured it or not......

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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #2 on: 29.03. 2010 20:11 »
G'day Alan,
               Ditto ! I have replaced quad, ratchet, spring, bush, to no avail. The only part not done is the outer cover, which does have a little wear. I just stomp on it till it frees. i need to know the answer too.
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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #3 on: 29.03. 2010 21:01 »

This not just a BSA thing. I have had the same problem with other makes. My A10 behaves in the same way now and again, and my gearbox has been rebuilt. If you do find an answer I too would like to know the cause.


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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #4 on: 29.03. 2010 21:35 »
 Last year I had this problem on my '47 Ariel which from memory,has the same type of kickstart arrangement.It was caused by damage to the leading tooth on the quadrant .  With the outer cover and k/start parts on the bench ,I could observe exactly what was going wrong.The leading tooth has a reduced profile and should give an easy lead-in to the gear. I removed the first tooth with a file reworked the next tooth .A bit of careful fitting: file , assemble , Look,try again until its right and its been fine ever since. The quadrant (on my Ariel) is tough but can be filed. Not tried it on my BSA which has not given any trouble.

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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #5 on: 29.03. 2010 21:52 »
I had that problem on both my bikes, caused by poorly manufactured (pattern) ratchet pinions. The tooth bases had been way out of shape, being too shallow.
On the A10 the kickstart only jammed sometimes, as only one tooth base was tight enough to lock the quadrant when engaging at this position. On the ratchet I fitted to the A7, all teeth were way out, so that I had to rework every single tooth with a Dremel and a small diamond grinding disk (I could have sent the ratchet back to the seller, but I wanted to ride the bike that weekend, so chose the fun way *problem*).

As this would only apply for a new ratchet pinion, I can't offer an explanation why this would happen with well used gearboxes.  *dunno*

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Re: Kickstart jam!
« Reply #6 on: 29.03. 2010 22:54 »
mines the same had a total rebuild on box i just pull clutch in then it works fine
at least if someone tries to nick it they wont be able to start it very easily  and ride off
so im going to leave it well alone