Author Topic: Blowlamp or Oven??  (Read 944 times)

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Blowlamp or Oven??
« on: 11.04. 2010 20:11 »
Having failed to buy or been unwilling to risk an unseen gearbox on Ebay I'm going to fix up my own, starting with the bearings & various bushes. I also need to get the gear selector mech out of the inner cover for my mate to bush the kick start stop "oval"..

Normally I'd simply heat bits with a blowlamp or similar but having seen advice re "heating up to 150degs" I'm wondering about taking my life in my hands & using SWMBO's oven...

Apart from the obvious risk to life from the better half does anyone have any ideas on which is best??


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Re: Blowlamp or Oven??
« Reply #1 on: 11.04. 2010 21:34 »

If 'er in doors is not in residence I always use the oven for motorcycle baking   ;)
.. but she can always tell upon her return no matter how well I've been about cleaning the parts prior to baking them  *eek*

If she's at home I use the BBQ outside with the lid down which has worked well to heat up the cases sufficiently enough for easy removal of bushes .




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Re: Blowlamp or Oven??
« Reply #2 on: 11.04. 2010 21:54 »
The smell of hot/burnt gear oil just gives the game away all the time *ex* *ex*
even if yo wash the parts the oil is present in th pores of the ally
I personally dont think it makes a difference which method is used, except for big crankcases etc for which I use the oven,
For small covers ec a hot air gun works well
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Re: Blowlamp or Oven??
« Reply #3 on: 11.04. 2010 22:07 »
get yourself a cheap baby bootsale, junk shop, wherever.

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Re: Blowlamp or Oven??
« Reply #4 on: 12.04. 2010 11:04 »
Metal garbage can on the BBQ will work quite well enough.
Aluminium-Silicon alloys can be safely heated to around 400 Deg C
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