Author Topic: Stainless Steel wheel spindles  (Read 1140 times)

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Stainless Steel wheel spindles
« on: 02.05. 2010 01:26 »
Hi, Im thinking of turning up wheel spindles in stainless for my Shooting Star restoration, are there any issues using stainless for this job.
Would like to hear from anybody who has done this and what grade of stainless was used for the job.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Andy J

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Re: Stainless Steel wheel spindles
« Reply #1 on: 02.05. 2010 06:59 »
A couple of my bikes are now running with stainless axles and I cant fault them. I used 316.

I just twigged, are you the Andy Jarrett from Stirling ? I bought a plunger A10 from you about 6 months ago.


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Re: Stainless Steel wheel spindles
« Reply #2 on: 02.05. 2010 14:31 »
Ive made several wheel spindles from 304 and 316 st/st over the years.Never had any problems. I always screw-cut the threads on the lathe.Another thing ive done a few times is on spindles where just the very end faces are the only parts that show.I face them shorter by about 1mm .Then deposit stainless steel weld on the ends.then face off and clean up to length . Saves having to make an entire new spindle. Also,On spindles like on my A10, rear wheel ,which has a round head with the hole for the tommy bar, I have reduced the dia of the head by about 3mm and shortened the length a bit. then turn up a peice of tube to slip over the end. Cap off the end with weld and finish turn and re-drill for the tommy bar hole.  Again,It saves having to make the hole thing and you have a spindle which is made from the original high tensile material.
 Last year I made a set of spindles for my Ariel red Hunter girder forks. Theyve been OK so far .