Author Topic: A10 Clutch Operation  (Read 3658 times)

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Re: A10 Clutch Operation
« Reply #15 on: 28.05. 2010 06:53 »
G'day All,
On the clutch lever thing,
I think there would be some variance with the style of lever also,
increasing the fulcrum, bolt to cable nipple, more pull on the cable,
also I swaped from ball end levers to plain & had alot more gap
from the end of the lever blade to the grip than the ball end one,
creating more pull also. I can select neutral idling or rolling, but
don't have great changes 2-3rd, but I think it's a gear box prob.

regards, Cus
56 G/Flash project

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Re: A10 Clutch Operation
« Reply #16 on: 28.05. 2010 13:21 »
         Measure the distance from the centre of the bolt to the centre of the cable nipple on your clutch lever. [On the handle bar]
This is the fulcrum to which I am referring.
As to finding one, I fitted a pair, check with your friendly retailer.
I managed to get a set from a classic parts specialist in Sydney years ago for the Flash. Sadly, he has died so for the next set I will have to shop around.

thx trev-  thats what i figured after looking at the levels last night - looks like mine are 1 1/16 but that was eyeball measurement