Author Topic: chroming costs  (Read 3618 times)

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Re: chroming costs
« Reply #15 on: 19.06. 2010 22:41 »
If your laying a bike up for a period. Is it best to keep the plating waxed or oiled ?

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Re: chroming costs
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Chroming in India is mostly a 2 coat process which involves an initial coat of nickel followed by a flash of Chrome. Not very long lasting especially if you are near the sea

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Re: chroming costs
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In a top quality plate the tanks first gets a copper sulfate treatment, which yields a 100% copper cover ( no Faradya's cage effect )
Next it gets an electric copper followed by a polish. This breaks up the grain structure which prevents excessive dendritic deposition of the nickel.
If you break through with the copper then you do it again, and again, and again ( get the picture).
Once you are happy with the surface then you can add the nickel.
The number and depth of each coat will have a major effect on the final outcome.
Modern plating uses chemical "brighteners & flatteners" both of which yields a some what thin looking plate.
Quality plating will polish after each thick nickel and finish off with a flash chrome followed by a thicker chrome.

Usually only places that specialise in restorations or HD's will do this type of plating.
It ain't cheap as there is a lot of labour in the process.
The center bumper of the Shadow was over $ 1000, each end was around $ 1500 and the over riders $ 365 each.
The good bit is that they will last for another 40 years out in the weather ( provided that I give them an occasional wax)

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