Author Topic: Clutch Adaptor Spiral  (Read 782 times)

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Clutch Adaptor Spiral
« on: 07.07. 2010 19:30 »
This is a 'heads up', as they say across the Atlantic, clutch hub adaptors onto BSA mainshaft tapers should have a Left Hand spiral to ensure that oil leakage through the rear of the primary casing is minimised. It is still possible to come across the adaptors with a Right Hand spiral which helps the oil out of the casing. Most know this but thought I'd show a photo to help clarify what LH means.
Hope this helps someone.
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Re: Clutch Adaptor Spiral
« Reply #1 on: 08.07. 2010 10:10 »
Now that is interesting!
Mine slings oil out all over the LH silencer despite, as far as I am aware, evrything being in good condition and set up properly.
The adaptor was supplied by Lyford Classics 3, or maybe 4, years ago and was fitted along with new clutch parts, back plate etc.

Looks like I need to take the primary side down and check this out.

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Re: Clutch Adaptor Spiral
« Reply #2 on: 08.07. 2010 10:21 »
The one I got about 15 years ago had no spiral. Didn't matter as I run a dry primary.
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