Author Topic: External Oil filter position  (Read 4981 times)

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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #15 on: 25.05. 2014 21:14 »
G'day Steve. I'm sure you'd be up to doing it, your bikes didn't build themselves.
The filter is a definite for use with multi grade oils. Most important is to clean out the oil tank thoroughly as the filter is on the return, any crap in there will go through the motor before being filtered.
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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #16 on: 25.05. 2014 21:43 »
Jim ,

Welding (especially Aluminium or Stainless Steel) , no problem ..anything mechanical I have to leave to My friend Steve Hughes or My Brother Michael .
It usually works itself out one way or the other !
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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #17 on: 25.05. 2014 22:06 »
Are these inline filters a big help preventing engine wear ?

"Very probably" is the best answer I can think of. They should stop ferrous debris of a particle size that might wear the pistons and oil pump and take up space in the sludge trap. Also bits of gasket and sealant that could maybe end up restricting an oilway.

I change the oil every 1000 miles at the moment , would this still be necessary with the filter in place

In what way is it necessary now?  A filter makes no difference to oil degradation by heat, and little difference to amount of suspended lamp black.

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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #18 on: 25.05. 2014 23:05 »

If you have a couple of old armored hoses to scavenge, the plumbing is pretty easy. The only "skill" I may have used was beating the crap out of strap of metal to make a bracket. If you're looking for an Orabanda-grade install, THAT is another matter.

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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #19 on: 26.05. 2014 12:20 »
I bought my kit off Goffy. Sits in the tool box and runs on 2CV filters. All the fittings came with. I think I just drilled a hole or two in the back of the tool box was all. I do miss the space it takes up though. As noted elsewhere I run a 'modern' detergent monograde to carry the bits through, and change every thousand miles anyway.
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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #20 on: 29.05. 2014 12:08 »
Hi all, attached is a pic showing the oil filter on my RGS, which fits out of sight between the rear of the battery and the rear mudguard.  It's a fairly close fit but the oil lines connect really easily.  The filter base is one of those Commando things and it's bolted on to the back of the rear battery strap.

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Re: External Oil filter position
« Reply #21 on: 31.05. 2014 01:53 »
Gold Star Ron does a really nice kit as seen on this page
However he is not particularly well at this time having been doing battle with various cancers and by products of the treatments for the last couple of years.
However you could give him a buzz if you like his kit.
Fits all pre-unit swing arm BSA's.
Neat, clean, easy to fit and even easier to service without covering you & every thing else with oil.
Even better I am fairly sure that it takes the short Briggs & Stratton oil filter which is cheap & readily available.
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