Author Topic: Kickstart stop repair!!  (Read 1876 times)

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Kickstart stop repair!!
« on: 09.07. 2010 22:13 »
Hi All
Its been a real busy week trying to finish off the SR in the workshop!
I had the engine fitted  and was waiting for some parts to arrive to continue work and decided to fit the new kickstart
ratchet gear as the kickstart was jamming.
When I opened the outer cover YUCH *ex* *eek* *eek*
swarf everywhere *ex* *ex*
So a complete stripdown was needed, machine the layshaft and make and fit undersize bushes,
replace the sleeve and driving gear pair along with 1st gear pair, bearings etc

As usual the kickstart stop had been loose and damaged the inner casing
the photos show how I repaired this.
I bored the damaged hole "round" and spotfaced each side of the casing flat
Then I turned up a new stop  with integral shoulder on the inside and a close fitting thick washer on the outside
this has a stepped bore to give the nut something solid to butt up to
Hope some of you will find this mod useful!!

John O R

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Re: Kickstart stop repair!!
« Reply #1 on: 09.07. 2010 22:18 »
Nice repair, John

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Re: Kickstart stop repair!!
« Reply #2 on: 09.07. 2010 22:19 »
I'm sure this is very helpful as the stop seems to be prone to float about, I cured (bodged) mine with that metal putty stuff as a temporary measure - you can guess the rest
All the best - Bill
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Re: Kickstart stop repair!!
« Reply #3 on: 09.07. 2010 22:31 »
This is fine work  *ex*

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