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Swing Arm Bushes
« on: 11.03. 2006 04:19 »
Have read a lot about problems associated with the removal of the swing arm bushes.
After a 60 tonne press failed to budge/move the offending bushes and risk damaging the swing arm, I called on a friend who used the 'gas' axe method.
This was successful and no damage to the swing arm.
Instead of using new silent bloc bushes, I elected to have machined full phosphor bronze bushes with grease tracks machined in. These new bushes are full width of the frame and have a small end cap machined in on the ends to act as a 'bearing surface between frame and swing arm.
I would like to ask if anyone has experience in using this type of bush on an A10?
Also any info on potential problems anyone can advise on apart from increased vibration which I predict will be minimal.
Appreciate any input.

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Re: Swing Arm Bushes
« Reply #1 on: 02.08. 2006 01:15 »
Take a hacksaw blade and saw through the radius of each bushing. Soak w/ WD-40 and press them out. Replace w/ silent blocs - forget the bronze; they'll never go the distance. Coat the silentblocs w/ lubricant before installing.
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