Author Topic: Dynamo, replacement or repair  (Read 1344 times)

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Dynamo, replacement or repair
« on: 06.05. 2008 22:15 »
Hello again,
after some fiddling with bits and pieces in the garage since January, I started up the golden beuty and went for spin. Eveything works, apart from the charging  *conf*
Following the Lucas handbook, I began the search at the Dynamo, no sign of any voltage there.
I hoped for some worn brushes, or a broken cable, but found a collector beyond repair, with loose or missing segments...!

My question is, should I buy a new anchor (the rotating part), and hope that the field-wiring (the fixed part) is Ok, or should I go for a new/reconditoned dynamo altoghether ?

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Re: Dynamo, replacement or repair
« Reply #1 on: 07.05. 2008 09:21 »
I would check the field coil with a multimeter set to ohms. You need to disconnect both field coil wires then measure the resistance between them, should be approx. 3 ohms. Then check the resistance between one field coil wire and the dynamo casing, should be infinity or at least several million ohms.