Author Topic: Posting of scans from books etc  (Read 1379 times)

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Posting of scans from books etc
« on: 21.01. 2008 13:55 »
Publishing scans from books or other printed material can always carry the potential for some copyright infringement. Using old BSA material or stuff from any obsolete vintage books, brochure or magazine article should be no problem, but material or pictures from any current, or lately out of print material, is copyrighted under all kinds of conventions and laws, and applies to all texts of the book, and I'd like to keep the legality of the forum on an as high level as possible.

I'd guess a single picture now and then and some lines of text can only be seen as advertisement for the book (refer to what book it's from), so should be ok, and will be deleted if any complaint is received.
Please just avoid posting scans of complete pages.

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