Author Topic: Ignition timing/magneto problem  (Read 4727 times)

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Re: Ignition timing/magneto problem
« Reply #15 on: 10.08. 2010 10:10 »
Hi All,
Redbeeza, Did you drain off the old petrol and refill with new? your symptoms sound very like bad petrol!!!!
Yes a piece of broken brush in the mag will cause all sorts of misfiring (ask me how I know)
An air line will blow out the loose piece with the pickups removed
I set the timing on the recent rebiuld ally headed A10 with flat topped pistons and a 356 cam at 34 degrees
its running really sweet,
After I set the timing with the degre disc I make a piston stop (see old topics) so as the timing can be reset or checked whenever

John O R
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Re: Ignition timing/magneto problem
« Reply #16 on: 03.10. 2010 18:10 »
Hi redbeeza. I wonder if you got the A10 running yet, Can i just suggest you buy a timeing tool, i got one from SRM 5 quid money well spent, does away with all the guessing llspeeds up reassembly and you know its right. All the best, Ian
ian davies