Author Topic: Wiring Harness/Loom  (Read 2132 times)

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Re: Wiring Harness/Loom
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A little late to the party on this thread, but British Wiring in the US is excellent.

Too many BSA's

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Re: Wiring Harness/Loom
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As the OP of this thread I thought I would follow up on my wiring loom question.

Just returned from a month at sea to find bsa goodies piled up on my bench, one of which was a new wiring harness.

I ended up getting one from D'fly and I have to say it looks very good.
Braided sheathing, soldered ends and a very easy to read/comprehend wiring diagram that corresponds well to the colour coded wires.
I did a continuity test on all the wires and all appears good..

Thanks to all for their advice  *smile*




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