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Re: Primary chain clearance
« Reply #15 on: 04.10. 2010 06:34 »
apologies for the delay in responding. yes we took a light skim off the back of the basket so we had a flat face on the back to bolt the chain wheel on. We used countersunk capscrews, we can always weld it or revise this later, we used a dural blank sprocket.
 We also took 4mm off the outside (pressure plate side) edge of the basket to provide clearance to the outer case
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Re: Primary chain clearance
« Reply #16 on: 04.10. 2010 21:53 »
HI Tim,
Plan B, no Z maybe *smile* *smile*
I scored a splined BSA mainshaft on ebay for a tenner + another NOS one for £13.50  *smile* *smile*
They havn't arrived yet but last night I had a thought, *ex* doesnt a Norton clutch also fit a BSA splined shaft
I had a norton shaft on the bench, so this am. went and checked it against the Suzi GS550 clutch
The major diamater on the Suzi spline is 20mm and the minor 16mm, width of splines 4mm
The Norton/BSA shaft is a wee bit bigger than this major dia 13/16in. (21mm or so) minor11/16 (17.xx mm)
and the spline 3/16in (4.7mm) wide

It looks as if with a little work the Suzi centre will fit onto the BSA shaft, It will need some kind of collar to retain the split collets in the groove in the BSA shaft ???? And then work out a bearing for the chainwheel and something to fill the hole in the sliding plate
The 1 and 3/8 in bore bearing that fits on the BSA centre on the taper shaft is an expensive bit of kit *ex*
So If I can use the splined shaft a cheapo bearing will work in the chainwheel??

Keep us informed with the Racer project, its looking GREAT *smile* *smile*

John O R

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