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spring n' ball
« on: 10.10. 2010 20:23 »
Hi chaps,

Nearly got all me bits collected to put bottom end back together,two quesions before I start.

1-I have taken out the ball and spring in the crankcase for examination thought I would renew so sent off to SRM and they sent me new ones only thing is the spring is quite a lot different in that it is quite a bit stronger, also the ball is a different dia? bearing in mind where this is and how important it is which one is right?

2-What sealent to use on the centre crankcase join, my instinct would be to use a sparingly thin layer of silicone ,but any other thoughts on this?

Many thanks Spyke
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Re: spring n' ball
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This is from a plunger case, am supposing the later crankcases use the same spring & ball dia.
Maybe SRM sent parts for the Oil Pressure Valve ?

how important it is
Too loose > oiltank drains into crankcase (wetsump), too tight\stuck > oilflow stops (catastrophy).

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Re: spring n' ball
« Reply #2 on: 10.10. 2010 20:53 »
The ball for the anti syphon valve is 1/4" in dia for the plunger as well as for the s'arm models (also for the A50/A65 models btw).

I guess Erling is right, probably they sent you the spring and ball for the pressure valve, not a good idea to fit that in the crankcase I'd say.

For the crankcase joint I use Hylomar (very sparingly!)
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Re: spring n' ball
« Reply #3 on: 11.10. 2010 09:40 »
Hylomar from a spray can,
Wipe off the over spray with a rag damped with thinners or acetone
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