Author Topic: Invisible A10s  (Read 3484 times)

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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #30 on: 21.10. 2010 16:39 »
Hi All,
Quiz time *ex* *ex* *ex* *ex*

Looking at the Ebay RGS ??? How  many "Wrong Bits" can you spot ???? ????

Answer's please on the back of a used £20 note *smile* *smile*

For 16K I would expect it to be 111%

JohnO R

Do tell as I'm interested even if no one else is.  ;)

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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #31 on: 21.10. 2010 21:49 »
HI Gold seeker,
I am probably now going to experience the "Wrath" of the new owner   *eek*
I thought there would be some expert replies  *conf* *conf*

1) Rear mudguard stays should be arrowhead, something weird going on with the seat/mudguard bracket'(s) as well
2) wrong headlamp mounts (slotted hole) A65???
3)centre stand??? or has it had lumps welded onto the feet???, anyway there should be a bolt threaded in for your toe instead of a welded on spike
4)Pre 59 seat
5)incorrect shape rear number plate? (theres a semicircular bit at the bottom for a reflector??)

If you look at pic 5 on the ebay set of pics one cylinder base nut is nicely "chewed" !!! and a white cable tie on the front brake cable *eek*

For 16k on a "no expence spared" resto I would expect better!!!

These are my own observations from the photos on ebay  and I would welcome comments / corrections

John O R
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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #32 on: 21.10. 2010 22:32 »
My turn,
               Rear guard and stays, generator, horn, light switch, carburetor, instrument mount, seat, tail light bracket, ammeter, sleeve nut near generator missing, chromed "ski slope", fuel taps, speedometer.
Instruments are in reversed positions and centre stand appears to be from an A65.
I couldn't quite make out the headlight ears.
For that sort of money I would expect the bike to be perfect!

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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #33 on: 22.10. 2010 11:34 »
Should have gone to Cake Street Classics!


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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #34 on: 01.11. 2010 08:57 »
Muskrat and me know why A10's are invisible in OZZ it's simple allow A10 owners access to high powered hand guns with immunity from prosecution if you shoot and kill anyone you catch theiving your bike and we might display them a bit more!! I have a fair few bikes that are very different, a H.D. road King with cruise control and heated hand grips! If I wanted to ride somewere in a hurry I'll jump on the RoadKing and hit the highway and enjoy the ride, BUT riding my 1957 Gold Flash with all my camping gear strapped on and heading for a Rally with plenty of time to spare is a different kind of enjoyment. I have rode that old bike 700k's a day plus for 3 days just sitting on 100k's (65MPH) many times. Last year I rode it for 2 weeks to the Nat Rally in Victoria through snow and over the Snowy Mountains then back home the long way along the coast. The flash does nothing great it just does everthing GOOD and that why they are such a good bike, admittedly mine has some modifications to make it oil tight and more reliable but the basic concept is unchanged. People ask me which one of my bikes is my favourite my answer is always NONE they all do things differently and I enjoy them all because of this. I have a few A10's that are made from bits some people poo poo bikes like that but I don't cause I saved them, they are not scattered parts they are BIKES now it's like getting a dog from the pound you have saved one, if you buy from a breeder he will breed another to replace it. Some one else can buy a restored bike I have saved a couple. Now for a refill!

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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #35 on: 01.11. 2010 12:42 »
Crikey! My RGS rep is more correct than the real thing on ebay??? Only worth a fraction of its value though, but I don't care, we ride as a classic group at least twice a week and have great fun.
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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #36 on: 08.11. 2010 16:08 »
I live in germany,I have never seen a BSA on the road.I drove to work last summer usually only takes 17 minutes by push bike,takes almost an hour pushing an broken down A10.That happened about 5 times,my boss was understanding,but I needed to go back home and shower as I was drenched with sweat.Next summer it will change as forum member MG kindly has my engine in Austria,and the guy knows his stuff.So next summer,every day to work,and no need to take a bar of soap.
ho ho ho

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Re: Invisible A10s
« Reply #37 on: 09.11. 2010 09:36 »
As far as I am concerned motorcycles have wheels on them for one reason and one reason only.... TO BE RIDDEN!!
I have 1956 BSA A10 Road Rocket, 1953 BSA A10 Golden Flash, 1956 BSA DB32 Gold Star Clubman, 1960 BSA C15 Star, 1955 BSA A10 Golden Flash and (as many see them) the Holy Grail of A10s a 1961 BSA Rocket Gold Star - All get ridden, and ridden hard.
They are all great bikes in their own way and all have their problems... but at the end of the day they are my passion and for my enjoyment.
Enough said, sorry for going on.
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