Author Topic: Your help is needed to save the old BSA building  (Read 879 times)

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BSA needs your help!

We're trying to save the historic 'Old BSA' building in Armoury Road,
Birmingham. To help achieve this, a few of us recently set up the 'BSA

English Heritage are currently processing an application to get the
building Listed - and it would help if we can get some emails supporting

the Listing quoting case reference 171477. The email link is on the
website. Or write to:- Jill Guthrie�Senior Heritage Protection Adviser
(West)�English Heritage, 29 Queen Square, Bristol�BS1 4ND
Tel. 01460 282955, 07788 994419

It would be great if you could muster as much�support as possible from
amongst BSAOC members - anyone else who wants to protect the surviving
history of BSA. It's pretty urgent as�we've only got until Monday 25
Octoberto get messages of support to English Heritage.

Richard Twells
Tel; 01773 856287
Mob; 07815 087445
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Re: Your help is needed to save the old BSA building
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Wow I felt sick looking at the demo photo's after reading the history, I have 6 BSA's and would dearly love to have my photo taken sitting on one in front of the old factory. When I retire in 2012 I would like to ship my Gold Flash to the U.K. for a touring holiday and take in the Manx G.P. and maybe a bit of France & Spain. ARRR well 1.5 years to gOOOOOOOO!

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Re: Your help is needed to save the old BSA building
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what is important if the building cannot be saved or changed is the building is surveyed now with a full 3D data cloud
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