Author Topic: A7 & A10 Twin copper rocker box gaskets  (Read 1791 times)

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A7 & A10 Twin copper rocker box gaskets
« on: 28.10. 2010 18:06 »

Has anyone had experience using copper rocker box gaskets on their A7/A10 ?

I see some on fleabay  usa and wondered if anyone out there was using this style of gasket on their rocker covers ?

Other than re use ability I wonder if they perform better than their paper counterpart ?




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Re: A7 & A10 Twin copper rocker box gaskets
« Reply #1 on: 28.10. 2010 18:44 »
Good concept. With the surfaces prepared in advance, perfectly flat \ parallel and no dents or holes, + careful torque tightening it may work very nicely? Otherwise, I see leaks > more tightening > destroyed studs \ bent covers. Will be interesting to hear of anyone's experience.

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Re: A7 & A10 Twin copper rocker box gaskets
« Reply #2 on: 28.10. 2010 19:57 »
G'day Scotty,
                     Yes I have two sets. I have yet to try on my '51, but I did try them on the cafe. I suspect something amiss with either the rocker box or head as I used the glass and wet & dry method to make sure both surfaces were flat (had to remove valve guides). It still leaks ! I will try on the oil tight '51 next time I have it apart.
 The chaps name is Lani, and he is very helpful. He made me a few head gaskets, as mine are different due to the through bolting of the head. He can make them in any thickness you want and look to be very well made, at a very good price.
 As a10gf says if everything is right they should work. You must anneal them first before use.
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Re: A7 & A10 Twin copper rocker box gaskets
« Reply #3 on: 29.10. 2010 12:37 »
G/day all, I had a friend with a 66 thunderbird that leaked oil like a Texan oil well. After fixing a lot of other problems that were caused by many "Triumph experts" it came down to the rocker gaskets and what to do about stopping them from leaking. The rocker gaskests on 650 Triumphs suffered because 4 head bolts came through the rocker boxes and then torqued the head, the rocker movements hammered the gaskets and reduced the torque and eventually spat out the gaskets hence a leak. I replaced the gaskets with the solid copper types after of course surfacing the gasket faces and placed a SMEAR!!! of Loctite silicon gasket maker on both sides of the copper gaskets. That was 2 years ago and it hasn't even weaped since then! Now as we know A10's are not torqued through the rocker covers but they still get hammered by the rocker action so maybe the copper gaskets with a SMEAR of good silicon might work as well. Personally I don't use gasket goo on my gaskets as I find the modern gasket materials superior to the old paper ones I just use a good coating of high melting point grease, yep under the barrels and timing cover primery etc except the crankcase joint wear i use an equel SMEAR on each surface YES A SMEAR NOT A COATING! of silcon and let it set for a few days. As some members on this forum will testify None of my bikes leak oil, this is just what works for me after fiddling with BSA & Triumphs over 42 years not the be all and end all of assembly methods. P.S. I have bought a set of the solid copper gaskets for my BSA Rocket 3 and my 1976 TR7. Hope this helps.