Author Topic: RGS crankcases??  (Read 940 times)

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RGS crankcases??
« on: 17.11. 2010 21:25 »
Hi All
A set of "RGS" crankcases just sold on fleabay no. 180585924147
They are said to have a July 1963 date stamp (not shown)
One of the photos shows the stamped engine number,
To me it seems very carelessly done???? as the letters and numbers are very uneven looking?????
Normally the engine number stamping is very neat???
On most engines I have looked at (that I can recall) the HHC is stamped in smaller letters

Maybe in 1963 as the A65 had replacd the A10 on the production line the RGS's were built by a different crew and it was a Monday morning ????
But would BSA still have been casting and machining new engine cases for the A10 when production had moved on to the A50/65??????
What do you guys know on the subject ???? ????

John O R

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Re: RGS crankcases??
« Reply #1 on: 17.11. 2010 22:33 »
I saw that one John, thought the HHC looked like an after thought but maybe BSA might have stamped that on after the cases had been allocated but the R does look odd as it would surely be stamped on at the same time as the other engine numbers ( would any other A10 ' other than than RGS be made in 63?)
All the best - Bill
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Re: RGS crankcases??
« Reply #2 on: 17.11. 2010 22:49 »
The cast skin seems to be original, so I don't think another number has been ground off.

But you are right, the R looks odd, and the first H seems to be wider than the second one.

Maybe it started life as a 1960 Golden Flash case, stamped DA10 10321 and HC? *dunno*
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Re: RGS crankcases??
« Reply #3 on: 18.11. 2010 21:05 »
I just checked my '63 cases, mine have more of a gap between the "R" & No.,
about the same if there was no R in that reg. Also I agree that, that first H
looks very suss. I think someone would have to look up the fact records to
be sure. Super Rockets & Rgs's had the same cases in '63, so to advertise
it as RGS cases, I think you would have to have some proof to back it up.
*Also, mine has a 63 stamped just over on the other bevel from the numbers,
in a larger "Times" type font.
regards, Cus
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