Author Topic: Oil filter recommendations?  (Read 1360 times)

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Oil filter recommendations?
« on: 23.11. 2007 06:28 »
Hey guy's! Firstly, fantastic forum, I've learnt alot but still have a million questions. Anyway, can anyone recommend a good oil filter for my a10 plunger? Currently I am cleaning/restoring my bike and have found that my oil tank is full of sludge! Obviously the 'tea strainer' filter inside doesn't really do a good enough job so i want to fit a filter on the return side. I,ve found one from boblight engineering that looks decent, does anyone use this type? Cheers Guybo.

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Re: Oil filter recommendations?
« Reply #1 on: 23.11. 2007 11:43 »
Hello and welcome, hope you find help and answers here.
Firstly, fantastic forum,
Thanks to the good contributors here!

This filtersystem seems very interesting, easyer to hide away than the car-type filter systems available, maybe smaller filtering capacity but surely enough anyway.

I got this idea than it may be possible to use the filter cartridge alone, finding some way to fit it inside the (A plunger) oiltank instead of the "teafilter", but don't know if it's too tall. Or that enough oil can flow trough to feed the pump, as these filters are meant to be fed in the returnline under pressure, after the oilpump.


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Re: Oil filter recommendations?
« Reply #2 on: 23.11. 2007 15:06 »
I have this filter fitted to my A10, and not only is it a good filter, it looks just as if it had been fitted by the factory.