Author Topic: Tank sealer breakimg down  (Read 998 times)

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Tank sealer breakimg down
« on: 22.12. 2010 20:15 »
Checking fuel in GF tank,guess what those Ethanol gremlins have attacked the petseal linning,it's coming away in larg lumps.Can anyone recommend a good product that will completely strip and clean the petseal from said tank ready for reseal.


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Re: Tank sealer breakimg down
« Reply #1 on: 22.12. 2010 21:41 »
It sounds to me like pure ethynol would be a pretty good solvent for the Petseal, since it is already being so effective in dilution. Anyoine know what the base solvent is that is used in Petseal?

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Re: Tank sealer breakimg down
« Reply #2 on: 22.12. 2010 22:15 »
There was a thread on this subject a couple of weeks ago
A kit is available to re do the tank from
and probably others
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Re: Tank sealer breakimg down
« Reply #3 on: 24.12. 2010 12:57 »
Same for me - last gas stop I could see the liner rippling up on the tunnel on my Veefer (MG V50 II), so it's either going to need stripping or I'll be pulling another tank from the breakers. Thats been in there some years now. The A10 was done more recently and I used different stuff - that was supposed to be ethanol proof; though that may well depend on what percentages we go to in the future.

So are we saying one type of stripper might work for all lining types? As we're seeing; ethanol certainly seems to do the trick.

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Re: Tank sealer breakimg down
« Reply #4 on: 24.12. 2010 13:43 »
Did my project tank with Por 15  advertised as
Seals Tanks against fuels Containing ETHANOL.

However my Flash was chromed painted and dent removed by "The Dent Doctor" and is sealed with Pinkish stuff  so I will just have to keep an eye on it.

BTW the dent doctor I speak of made a cracking job although took ages, my mate up the road was so impressed he sent his tank there, it too was well done but he had a lot of hassle getting it back, eventually he went and got it, don't know what the problem was but the guy ceased trading and there is now another Original Dent Doctor, I have no idea if here is any connection        
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Re: Tank sealer breakimg down
« Reply #5 on: 24.12. 2010 13:50 »
Had the same problem earlier in the year. The carb banjo filter kept clogging up so I took the tank off and flushed it and a huge chunk of petseal came out which was laying in the front corner. Fortunately the tank did not start leaking.
What concerns me is the amount of rust which has started to build up inside the filler cap. Until I get round to resealing it I have drained it and flushed it out with meths which should have absorbed any remaining water. I have filled it with avgas as I have a contact who repairs aircraft engines - this is petrol as it used to be with no ethanol as the powers that be are not allowed to mess around with aviation fuel for safety reasons. An added advantage is that it is about 102 octane but the downside is that it works out at around £1.70 a litre.
Looking forward to see how the bike performs on the road in the spring - I may run on it all the time or mix it 50 50 with the junk at the local filling station. Not sure about the legality of using it on the road but who cares!

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