Author Topic: Best modern tyres & head bearings  (Read 5521 times)


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Re: Best modern tyres ?whats everyone using.
« Reply #15 on: 30.12. 2007 20:34 »
Hi, Pim I,d go for taper bearings everytime. Much easier to adjust and fit, a fit and forget solution.Leave ball & race bearing to bicyles where they belong. Mind you some mountain bikes now have taper bearings. Dave...

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Re: Best modern tyres ?whats everyone using.
« Reply #16 on: 30.12. 2007 20:59 »
Tyres seem to have become headstock bearings. Here's my two-bob's worth. I use a pair of R18 sealed ball bearings with the lower one machined to clear the collar on the stem. A suitable length sleeve is inserted between them on the stem and checked for binding or slop. A shim or a slight shortening of the sleeve suffices and all is tightened.
Angular contact races would be better but are not available in that size.
It works for me and I no longer have to fiddle with the cup and cone bicycle set-up on a regular basis.

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Re: Best modern tyres & head bearings
« Reply #17 on: 08.01. 2008 12:44 »
Thank's for all the input, I've been to "de groot bsa store" in the north of the Netherlands this hollyday. And spend a lot of money on things that i really need. So well spent I hope. Some of the things that i bought are the Avon speedmaster on the front and the dunlop on the rear. not very original, but it seems to work for a lot of people and if it doesn't work for me than I'll try somthing different. I also got the ball bearing partley becouse it was cheaper and also becouse most people told me that it wouldn't be a problem. Also the same here if there are any problems i'll change to the taper bearings.

I'll post some more information about my bike in another part of the forum.
Take care!
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