Author Topic: wet sumping  (Read 5519 times)

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Re: wet sumping
« Reply #30 on: 06.01. 2011 11:33 »
For my two pen'orth, I have a dove tap fitted to my AJS, it works a treat and I stop the engine by switching off the tap just to make sure it's working OK.

I'm not bothered about the theoretical draining of the feed pipe, I'm sure that by the time I have switched the Dove tap on, opened the fuel tap, tickled the carb, adjusted the advance and air lever's, said a prayer or two, put my helmet and gloves on and kicked it over, that oil would have re-filled the line anyway.

I think this is one of those situations where you can get a bit paranoid and over think the situation and imagine problems that probably dont exist.


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Re: wet sumping
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With you there Andy, I've done the same with my Ajays a few times, just to be sure the home-made jobs work.
With a simple on/off feed tap with no other valves or balls or springs in, opening it should certainly fill the pipe pdq. I have used large-bore taps for that reason.
Thanks John OR - threading a small bung into my large Norton bung is one of the jobs on the list. A list that gets side-tracked every time something more interesting comes along!

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Re: wet sumping
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         I can assure you that I have seen a Commando engine which was severely damaged by the failure of an in line auto valve.

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Re: wet sumping
« Reply #33 on: 07.01. 2011 12:15 »
OK Trev.

I still believe the root cause of failures is through incorrect assembly and preparation.
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Re: wet sumping
« Reply #34 on: 11.01. 2011 15:36 »
Hi Everyone
                        Many thanks for all your replies to wet sumping, there are so many ideas to work on, but only at the last resort will I purchase a new oil pump,so once again thanks.