Author Topic: Oil feed/return connection problem - A7 plunger circa 1954  (Read 4844 times)

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For someone claiming limited knowledge, it sure looks from the photos like you know quite well what you're doing. I think the term I want to use for the photos is "deep". You look deep into them and everything you see looks great. I wouldn't say the same for my own.

Richard L.
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Thanks Richard,
I find it enjoyable & easy to get the look I want but its only taken 20yrs +; I think the fun may arise when I try to get it running judging by recent threads  ;) which I remain slightly nervous of! I had the engine re-built due my lack of engineering prowess, tools, time and not wanting to getting it wrong (but yet to prove it works!). However, I'm getting more encouraged and knowledgeable through the forum (a big thanks) and amazed at members determination & patience resolving issues which I hope I don't encounter too soon.