Author Topic: overcharge spike  (Read 1615 times)

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Re: overcharge spike
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Totally agree. There are some horrendous circuits floating about on the Web. It takes a bit more experience than a quick Google and a trip to Maplins. Also agree about Lucas, one of my bikes is still running a RB107 after 60+ years and operating and regulating perfectly. Not bad when you consider they were made down to a price.
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Re: overcharge spike
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Much of the "prince of darkness" nonsense started in the US, which is ironic considering the general crap-ness of American car and bike electrics of times past. I think after fifty+ years Lucas stuff can be forgiven for being unreliable given that it either won't have been touched or will have been generally FUBAR'd.

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Re: overcharge spike
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 Congrats also from me on your perseverance to find the issue- I think mine had similar but was the wire to the speedo where it goes through the headlight shell. Being an afterthought running LED's is just thin wire poked through and didn't have a fuse on, but now does....
 My wiring is out of ordinary due to bits stuck anywhere, so I have a fuse on each circuit as well as a main one at the battery, so if one pops I know which to look at, but they are various ratings (7.5A - 15A) depending on the load (or what I had at hand- working on that).
  I'm still sussing my positive ammeter reading, suspecting the meter or battery, but if it persists and I need ideas will probably find/start a different thread
Thanks all. Used the bike today for work and completely trouble free. It looks like a bunch of wires were pushed against the headlight shell causing a break down on the wire insulation. The problem occurred at the same time I changed the rear lamp causing me to initially look at the wrong end of the bike for a couple of days *sad2*