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« on: 28.01. 2011 12:42 »
Reading Humble's missive about plungers reminded me that one day I'll have to attack the old girl with a grease gun.
I don't own a grease gun yet and know nothing about them.
I suspect too much grease will be as big a problem as not enough.
Do you keep pumping till it starts squirting out of the cracks??
It would be appreciated if someone can enlighten me on the finer points of bunging a sh*t load of grease into the plungers and other bits.

ps. cricket .. Can you believe those pommie b****s knocked us off in the match played on Australia day.
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Re: Grease
« Reply #1 on: 28.01. 2011 14:39 »
Yeah we did, and dont forget the ashes thrashing ----------  ;) Mmmmwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaa Mmmmmwwwwhhhhaaaaaaa

As for the quantity of grease, it depends what you are greasing, sometimes pump till it escapes but you dont want to do that anywhere near brakes etc. Not sure on the plungers, my A10 has one of those new fangled swinging arm things.



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Re: Grease
« Reply #2 on: 28.01. 2011 15:05 »
Hi, Olev.
    I am currently rebuilding a B31 plunger jobbie.  Having re-assembled the plungers, I applied the grease gun and found that once the gap between the bushes is filled with grease, it is quite difficult to pump any more in.  Probably due to the fine clearances between bush and rod.

Good luck with the rebuild.


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Re: Grease
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Steady Olev or we will have to bring up the "Under arm Affair" cheers, Bob
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Re: Grease
« Reply #4 on: 02.02. 2011 10:47 »
For things like plungers & steering heads I use marine grease.
Have found over the years that it seems more resistant to water ingress and takes longer to go hard & dry out than regular grease.
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