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daytime mot
« on: 14.02. 2011 22:16 »
Hi Chaps,

Im not far away from getting my Spitfire scrambler lookalike on the road and  i intend to run it most of the time without lights (i have had trials bikes on the road before like this with no problems) but on which i intend to have provision to have quickly attachable lights to get me home from the pub/evening run if i get caught out late.
Question is if i get a daytime mot with out lights and are then stopped say at night with my lights on ,if asked to produce a mot it would be only be a daytime one  . Or do I get an mot with lights fitted and then if i  got stopped without lights say in the day i may have deemed to have changed the vehicle since the mot?
Any opinions or advice welcome -even if there is no such thing as a daytime mot , principle is the same MOT with or without lights?
Cheers Spyke
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Re: daytime mot
« Reply #1 on: 15.02. 2011 09:26 »
i would say that you would have to keep the bike as it was at the time of the mot,or get it re-moted after you fit the lights,
it will be interesting to see how this pans out,as i have had a few bikes in the past few years on a daytime mot,never had any problem obtaining the mot,and when insuring them with footman james,was never asked what type of mot i had,as stated before trials bikes have to use the road,and i'm in the same boat as you,as i'm to building a spitfire style bike,and a goldstar scrambler,without lights,so i guess in the next OBM they will shed some light.
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Re: daytime mot
« Reply #2 on: 15.02. 2011 12:26 »
Hi Spyke,
A compromise might be a small shallow headlight that could sit between the yokes, and a piece of vinyl pop fastened over the yokes with a posey racing number on it. If you need to use the lights, unfasten your race plate, roll it up and shove it in your pocket. The standard BSA taillight is fairly discreet anyway.

As well as the inconvenience of not being able to drive in conditions of poor light/darkness. You would have no brakelight, so stand a damn good chance of being rammed up the chuff.
The law also requires that you have a reflector on the back of your bike, so there will be a bit of red plastic there anyway.

Just a thought....

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Re: daytime mot
« Reply #3 on: 15.02. 2011 14:00 »
I always believed that you need a brake light anyway even for a daytime MoT, except for exempt vehicles like mopeds and pre-1936. However, this page seems to indicate otherwise.
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