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Stiff clutch
« on: 10.05. 2011 15:45 »
Hi there
Why when I have a problem do I always go for the hardest solution first. I have just restored an A65 which is basically an A10 but unit construction and the solution to my problem could suit any bike. My A10 Flash has an easily operated clutch which has never caused any problems in the last 15 years but the A65 which has basically the same clutch was very stiff to operate everything is new cable clutch plates and so on. After checking that the cable was not trapped any where I thought OK must have  adjusted wrongly readjusted still no improvement so dismantled everything put back together still no improvement. So have now fixed the problem clutch now works just like the A10 so what did I do, well it pains me to have to admit to such a simple solution but I use molyslip G in my gearboxes always have, all I did was add a couple of drops to the nipple on the handlebar lever and hey presto  no stiff clutch, all that time wasted still maybe I will look for the simple solutions next time ?.

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Re: Stiff clutch
« Reply #1 on: 10.05. 2011 22:00 »
Be sure to lube your cable nipples as well as the lever pivots.

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