Author Topic: Mixed Clutch parts?  (Read 646 times)

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Mixed Clutch parts?
« on: 21.02. 2011 22:10 »
I have the opportunity to obtain a solid six spring clutch centre and I'm wondering if I could fit this with a four spring chain wheel with the roller type bearings, is this possible at all? I'm hoping to fit it to my 53 B33 to do away with the horrible pressed steel centre. I believe the solid six spring centre may be off an early A model. Do you reckon this will make a better clutch? I'd have thought so but then what do I know?  *conf*
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Re: Mixed Clutch parts?
« Reply #1 on: 21.02. 2011 22:23 »
If it is off an early A, it needs a splined main shaft.
Why muck around with this? If you have a four spring chain wheel you should be able to find a centre for it.