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Quick Query
« on: 26.02. 2011 11:35 »

I bought a totally restored Golden Flash last year and it has still not been run in.

It has been stood up since Sept last year and I decided to check the oil level in the tank for wet sumping.

Much to my surprise it is still as the same (correct) level as last year. In other words it has not wet sumped.

Is this normal ?

I thought all bikes wet sumped or have I got it wrong.



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Re: Quick Query
« Reply #1 on: 26.02. 2011 12:18 »
Well Mick some do and some don't and others do sometime, my Flash does very occasionally, pretty sure it has to do with where the pistons end up when it stops.

Reminds me of the old Max Miller song

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Re: Quick Query
« Reply #2 on: 26.02. 2011 13:44 »
Hi there
I have had my Gold Flash for 15 years now and if I start it up at least every 3 weeks no problem but if I leave it for 6 weeks and then start it I will end up with a pool of oil on the garage floor so if in the winter it does not get started for longer than 3 weeks I have a drain plug fitted in the sump plate which I then remove and drain the sump.

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Re: Quick Query
« Reply #3 on: 26.02. 2011 15:45 »
5 months and the level is the same?
Heck Mick, you are one lucky son of a gun.
Generally though, to be honest, anyone who says their's doesn't wet sump usually hasn't undone the sump plug after a month or so of non running to check, or they ride their bike regularly and don't leave it long enough to build up, or it has an anti wet sumping valve fitted. A friend of mine was in the 'mine doesn't wet sump camp' because he never looked inside his oil tank but it definitely wet sumped when he did take notice.
You say its not run in yet, by that I'm assuming that the engine has run. If it hasn't run yet then you can get an air lock in the supply to the pump and bearings since it's not primed. Just a thought, check that the vent at the top back of the oil tank under the seat is clear of paint or mud etc. If this is blocked the tank will restrict oil draining down to the engine by building up a low vacuum, mine was clogged and blocked when I checked.
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