Author Topic: Clutch upgrades  (Read 1335 times)

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Clutch upgrades
« on: 16.12. 2007 13:39 »
Hi Guys
  After reading a post on about norton, and japanese clutches on an A10.  I was wondering if anyone has done the upgrade?  If you have I would like to hear you story and see some pics.  Thanks Jeff

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Re: Clutch upgrades
« Reply #1 on: 16.12. 2007 13:51 »
Initial reaction, why would anybody need to do that? Can only speak for myself and the old plunger 6 spring clutch, has been working perfectly, set it up 1 time when I got the bike, got new friction plates and springs years later, set it up 1 time again, and has been working perfectly for years since. And it seems like the 4 spring should be even easier to maintain!

It's one of the areas I never even thought about the need for changing anything (compared to f.ex regulator and not the least, front brake). I basically have the view of keeping & maintaining the A with as many of the original designs as possible, for me that's the whole idea and pleasure about having an old classic, if I want to ride modern, I use modern bikes. Just my personal opinions.

My only changes so far, halogen 6v lamps, and 2 small 4 amp lead batteries (they seem to never self-discharge, even in freezing conditions) hidden in an emptied black battery.

I wouldn't spend one cent on clutch, but If anybody can come up with a front brake improvement without changing the looks, I'll pay whatever it costs!

(sorry for the offtopics, and I respect anyone who rebuilds any bike with whatever parts or in whatever style.)


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Re: Clutch upgrades
« Reply #2 on: 16.12. 2007 20:17 »
With you on both points A10gf . . . . never had clutch trouble, and the current 4-springer is smooth as a baby's whatsit, as good as a modern almost. A part that exudes pure confidence, which is nice. Front brake though is something else. Clonky - I don't like the lug system for holding the backplate against the torque reaction, nor do I like the thin nut for tightening the backplate on the axle - it's fairly feeble even with new (but bedded-in now) linings and a reasonably round drum and as-careful-as-I-could assembly. A very '50s accessory! I know we're many of us spoilt by more modern things that actually stop, but this a true weakness .  .  . my 6 yrs older AMC twin stops far better (which is more than I can say for some other parts, but there we go). Older Beesas with the 'ole in the fork legs rather than the clamps, and a torque arm instead of a lug, seem IMHO to be a tad better. While we're on, not that fond of the cross-over and cable for the rear either, and keep thinking of making up something better. Saw a mod somewhere (on this forum maybe?) that looked just great. 
However, small prices to pay for a machine that I am liking more and more the more I ride it following my reacquaintance with same. 200 lovely cold miles yesterday, not a beat missed, not a drop of oil drunk, not a nasty noise, nothing falling off. Can't beat it - I keep wondering why I even have a Yamaha in the shed, cos you can't drive it without being arrested, and it's not that much fun if you drive it so you don't. Groily