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Re: inline fuse
« Reply #15 on: 31.03. 2016 11:39 »
Nice job.
We cheat and use 2in 6 out or 2 in 4 out fuse boxes to get rid of those 4 way & 6 way  bullets that always break
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Re: inline fuse
« Reply #16 on: 02.04. 2016 08:17 »
hi guys, this is my wiring diagram for anyone who is interested,cheers
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Re: inline fuse
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hi guys, this is my wiring diagram for anyone who is interested,cheers
Nice to know KP, saved an image, but likely won't need it *wink2*
inline blade fuses 10-25 amp with a trip and  re set button on bay¬£1-94p item 141763252823
I'm trying to figure how many of these I need; seems I have a knack for blowing fuses... while out the other night on a fuelup/food/beer/entertainment trip, I realised my brake light wasn't working, but it was earlier. The fuse was blown, so changed it, all good on rear brake, but blew on front brake *conf*, so blew a few more *pull hair out* .
 When I was messing with the light switch, for some dumb reason I pulled off the switch/ammmeter panel, and getting dark, jammed it back on in a bit of a rush- I knew that at the time, but hoped it'd be ok *bash*- it wasn't... all good now

  What I'm saying is, sometimes fuses blow for no apparent reason and having a re-settable fuse won't fix a problem, but it will save a lot of  *pull hair out**good3*

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Re: inline fuse
« Reply #18 on: 02.04. 2016 23:56 »
I fit a 25 amp contact breaker; can be reached whilst on the bike. Never have had to, thank goodness!