Author Topic: A10 chrome tank advice  (Read 4112 times)

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Re: A10 chrome tank advice
« Reply #30 on: 30.12. 2011 13:00 »
The fun is getting the paint line in the correct position, (or incorrect position) people seem to expect to find templates for this but it,s just a line of sight.
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Re: A10 chrome tank advice
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What I do is look at as many other tanks and pictures as you can until you are reasonably sure how you want it to look and then mask one side up by hand. When you are happy with it make a paper template of that side and transfer it to the other side.

One thing to be careful of is to make sure you have the same amount of chrome above and below the badges, they look lousy if the badge is too high or low in the chrome panel

You cant see both sides of the tank at the same time so a minor difference will not be noticed, as long as when you look down from the top it looks the same it will be ok.

These tanks were originally all hand painted so there is no absolute "correct" way.

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Re: A10 chrome tank advice
« Reply #32 on: 31.12. 2011 02:14 »
Excellent - thanks guys! Helped make up my mind to just get them done in 2-pack - probably a smart move too since i only have another 4 weeks off and a zillion jobs to fit in so  painting something will only add to that and I know a good painter. I like painting but it is a lot of work and never ventured into the 2 pack arena at home.