Author Topic: Damaged engine cases.  (Read 675 times)

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Damaged engine cases.
« on: 17.04. 2011 08:03 »
G-day all,
 My timing side engine case has seen better days,seems the magneto mounting flange part of the case has been broken off at some stage and welded back in the wrong position, (leaning inward). This results in the magneto sitting at an angle, also has the gears meshing at an angle and wearing the fibre gear more on one side.
This must also flex the inner and outer covers to suit when tightened up.
The case also has four broken out bolt holes down around oil pump that take the cover bolts. They too have been repaired badly with helicoils, busting the case due to too smaller hole to take the helicoil I guess, I found broken pieces sitting on top of the helicoil and floating lose in the bottom when I firstly removed cover. All bolts removed from these holes had flattened threads and I had to run a tap through the helicoils to get a bolt in and out without damage.Wondering what should be my next move?
I have attached some pictures or am trying to.
Thanks Rusted.
having trouble with photos???????????

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Re: Damaged engine cases.
« Reply #1 on: 17.04. 2011 08:52 »
Afternoon Rusted,
                        You have a few of options, try and find another set of cases from any year, try and find a set of 53' cases to match your frame or get the ones you have repaired.

The four bolt holes in the sump are easy, a competant welder will be able to weld them up and then they can be drilled and threaded.

The maggy mount isnt so bad either, you will need the servces of a machine shop. The cases need to have the outer face milled flat and then turned over and the maggy mounting face also milled flat. This will allow the maggy to sit slightly further forward but a few thou wont matter. None of this is hard and any machine shop should be able to sort it for you. About the only thing you may need to watch for is when you reassemble it the gear that the generater sprocket goes on has clearance in the case, it only needs to be able to turn freely, it doesnt need any end float.