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« on: 23.05. 2011 10:43 »
G'day all,

The bike is running very well.  Couple of minor weeps to fix but I have lost half my oil from the gearbox as it appears I have not tightened the gearbox sprocket enough and the sprocket is not snug up against the seal.  Does anyone know where I can get the appropriate spanner for the nut that holds the sprocket on?

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Re: Spanner
« Reply #1 on: 23.05. 2011 13:02 »
Isn't there a tab washer behind the nut or am I going potty.
From memory it is 1 & 1/4" BS.
In situ it is a hammer & punch job
Clutch off it is a tube spanner or socket job
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Re: Spanner
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Its a " C" spanner if you are lucky you can use a "C" spanner that you get free when you buy some adjustable shock absorbers for a Triumph etc, there's a tab washer behind that locks on the splines of the shaft and then onto the "C Nut". good luck again its needed. Alan
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Re: Spanner
« Reply #3 on: 23.05. 2011 20:41 »
G'day Dave,
                the seal runs on the spigot on the sprocket. So either the seal or the spigot is shot or wrong size. The seal might be loose in the case allowing oil around the outside. Another spot it can leak (just weep) is between the countershaft and mainshaft. Lytedrive makes a sprocket nut with a seal to fix that one.
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Re: Spanner
« Reply #4 on: 23.05. 2011 23:25 »
Hi All,
Dave, I made up a "spanner" from a length of steel pipe more or less the diamater of the nut.
Cut away the end of the tube to leave 2 pieces that will fit into the sprocket nut, I welded a big nut to the other end
and do up the nut with a rattle gun!!!
The oil will leak out along the splines when the nut is loose!!
A thin O ring between the sprocket and bearing helps seal the spline
I just use thread lock on the nut! works for me *ex*

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