Author Topic: Gearbox hard to find neutral once hot...any remedies?  (Read 1411 times)


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Hi there can anyone help,my 1960 A10 gearbox for 1st few miles superb nice positive gearchange up and down box usual slip her into neutral from 2nd no problem.but when she starts getting up to temperature gearchange becomes stiffer and in traffic hard to find the neutral..i guess this is clutch problem not gearbox any thoughts on the matter out there cheers vincent ...any remedies.? *conf*

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Re: Gearbox hard to find neutral once hot...any remedies?
« Reply #1 on: 12.02. 2008 20:23 »
Is it that you are finding it hard to find neutral while stationary? If so, have a look at your clutch. Set it up to lift clean and even. Check your lever. I have found that the common 7/8" fulcrum type do not lift far enough. I have replaced mine with a 1 1/16" type and the plates separate nicely now. I have no trouble finding neutral and this is with a six spring swinging arm clutch.
I have gone to the trouble of modifying the pressure plate with a radial needle bearing and mushroom lifter. Next time I open the chaincase I will replace the adjusting nuts with single nyloc nuts.

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Re: Gearbox hard to find neutral once hot...any remedies?
« Reply #2 on: 13.02. 2008 08:23 »
Yes, it will be the clutch getting hot and dragging. Check that the plates are not warped, they are lifting off evenly and the clutch centre and basket are not notched by the plate tenons. These notches and any burrs on the tenons can be rectified with a file.