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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #30 on: 21.11. 2015 16:05 »
I used to recommend Draganfly but nowadays I wouldn't, on an order for rims I placed they ignored my delivery instructions which caused me to incur hefty import taxes when they arrived in NZ.

My "complaint" was met with a couldn't care less attitude....I won't name names but the person I dealt with seriously needs to go on a sales training course  *sad2*

Did you want them to pretend it was a gift?

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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #31 on: 21.11. 2015 20:20 »
coater, yep we've encountered the same person   *eek*

Triton, I asked Draganfly in the order comments section to split the rims into 2 shipments if the combined freight and rims came to over $400 (as above $400 in combined value incurs import charges here). The 2 rims without freight came to about $250 and Draganfly had previously provided a quote for $120 for shipping both together so the total should have been about $370. I also said I was in no hurry to get the rims if one was out of stock.

 Draganfly then shipped the rims separately (some weeks apart as the 21 inch was out of stock) but then included in the shipments other items from a separate order which bumped the value of each shipment up to above $400!  I ended not only had to pay import duty on the rims but on those other items as well, as well as pay multiple freight charges.

I pointed out to Draganfly that the way the shipments were done had cost me lots of unnecessary $ extra and after much arguing it turns out that Draganfly policy allows them To NOT follow shipping instructions, I never got to the point of asking for any form of compensation, and The only person in management who I could escalate the matter to was L's brother, I didn't bother, I just order from elsewhere.
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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #32 on: 21.11. 2015 20:39 »

Not that you could have predicted it, but spacing your orders out so that you didn't place a new order until the previous had shipped would have gotten around Draganfly's less than considerate concern for your wallet.

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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #33 on: 22.11. 2015 22:28 »
postage and import duties aside. at least the quality of new parts are better now than when i was a spotty teenager on £55 a week. i remember buying a pair of oil seal holders where one was tight all the way and the other went straight over the slider thread and i had to jubilee clip it tight. its also great we have many bsa dealers about with shops or on the internet. i doubt the profit margins can be all that great with high business rates in this country and slow moving stock. kidderminster motorcycles are worth a mention alongside dragonfly for good stock.

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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #34 on: 23.11. 2015 08:16 »
Old thread, but relevant to me.

 Received large order from Draganfly, the half that was not on back order.

 Not impressed in the least. A lot of the fasteners are badly formed and seem to be made out of some type of medium soft cheese.

 All the bits thrown into one 15 pound bag, spent a lot of time sorting and trying to figure out if all the parts were even there. 

 I dont think the people who pick your order have any idea what the part they are sending should look like, because some of the things they sent belonged in the garbage. I cancelled all the things on back order, I wasted enough money with them.

 From now on, all fasteners I order will come from Motalia. I am not against spending good money on good parts, but I am against spending good money on an order of 40% trash. *sad2*

 Sending it back from America would just compound the money I have wasted.

Yes, some quality control at DF would be good for us customers...
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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #35 on: 23.11. 2015 21:44 »
i must have been fairly lucky with parts from dragonfly then. my only gripe has been a second hand plunger bottom yoke that was obviously bent that they offered to change but then pay more postage for another bent one? nookies nuts for cei fastners.

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Re: Quality Parts suppliers
« Reply #36 on: 20.12. 2015 17:27 »
I know that you guys have all been talking about a suppliers listing, I've tried searching the forum a few times but couldn't find anything explicitly what I wanted. I have noticed though many many posts talk about poor quality parts, not necessarily cheap parts either! So now I'm in the market for quite a few new parts and have been enquiring from a no. of suppliers that you have mentioned from time to time. Hence is there any consensus on the quality of parts from the following suppliers before I place an (expensive) order please (I need some good quality reliable mechanical parts eg kickstart pinion/bearings, as well as cosmetic parts, in case there is a difference) ?
British Spares in NZ
Barleycorn Eng'g
Degroot in NL

i am surprised George Prew is not on the list.  I think he is telephone and postal orders only as he does not have an "on line" ordering system.  Found quality and price as good as any.
Domiracer in USA
Walridge Motors in USA
Leigh Classic
SRM Eng'g
C&D Autos
Lyford Classics
Lightning Spares
Armour Motor Products
thanks........... *smiley4*
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