Author Topic: To glue, or not to glue - that is the question.. (gaskets I mean!)  (Read 2447 times)

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Just to add to the list of successful experience with sealers, I had bought a tube of Loctite Blue Maxx silicon to use on the Norton. Then I have an old Mercedes that i was going to use in a club sprint and it developed an oil leak from between the cam carrier and head - apparently a common problem that can be fixed for half a Zillion dollars or about double the value of the car! Plus I had the sprint that weekend so the mechanic suggested having a go with some sort of sealant and see how long it lasts. So this is external on a join but not direct oil pressure. I used carby cleaner and got it nice and clean and then wipe some on. So it lasted to the sprint, then another year or so of sprinting, then pressed into service as a commuter and..... now 5 or more years down the track still not one leak from the join! Everywhere else has leaked though!

Then also a few mates have Amilcars with superchargers or lots of mods and have had trouble holding it all together. I have some on order but havent used it but Three Bond 1207b is apparently the only thing after years of trying that everyone universally agrees is the go. I googled it and apparently the only thing that will hold high performance hondas, aprillias etc also and can be bought in tubes with their name on it. Not outrageous cost wise either and picking some up locally this week. Also the 1211 is great for gearboxes etc apparently.

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My Mercedes does the same, M104 six cylinder. Leaks between the  head chaincase and the block, I'll give that a try. Regards, Nigel.