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Re: RGS pushrods
« Reply #15 on: 23.07. 2011 10:35 »
Hi, my first post. Just to add a little variation to the theme. I've just been reading the Australian Rolls Royce Forum. It seems Silver Shadows have cast iron inlet valve guides. These can rust to the valve if the engine is not started for a while. So when the engine is started, eight inlet pushrods like a figure S
Must have missed that one.
Some of mine have not been started for over 5 years and bent push rods has never been a problem.
Leaning them without the rocker cover on is more like the cause.
The 6.7L motor has stuffed glands for valve stem oil seals which can dry out and if the engine has the rocker cover removed then you could possibly get some rust but the valves are very high nickel so should passivate .
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