Author Topic: Oil change then it leaks!  (Read 954 times)

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Oil change then it leaks!
« on: 28.06. 2011 23:52 »
I was really pleased with my plunger flash until I changed the oil from Commer SAE30 to SAE40 no leaks before then blowing out the breather over the rear tyre.
Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas or should i just change the oil back again?

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Re: Oil change then it leaks!
« Reply #1 on: 29.06. 2011 01:03 »
Don't panic (yet!).

My tip is that you overfilled the tank (perhaps some oil left in the crankcases?), and the oil level has risen too high in the tank. If this happens, it WILL come out of the breather tube!.

Re-check the oil level; if it is too high (or even high), drain a bit out, and see how it goes.


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Re: Oil change then it leaks!
« Reply #2 on: 29.06. 2011 10:50 »
I'm not familiar with the plunger oil tank level, but i've seen many restored SA A10's with the "oil Level" transfer fitted way too high, like up at the neck. They should be around 3 inches down from the cap. maybe worth checking on your bike?



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Re: Oil change then it leaks!
« Reply #3 on: 08.07. 2011 13:27 »
I use Morris SAE40 in my s/a Flash with no ill effect so I wouldn't think it's the oil viscosity.. I've probably got it a bit too full at present as well but it still doesn't blow..

Hope you find the cause..
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