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The restoration of my 1959 Super Rocket progresses with the sourcing of the right tacho via winning an ebay auction in the US.($120) Working fine just need a new bezel and some paint.

I thought that my bike was extremely original as all the numbers checked out and it has the buff logbook etc. I bought the bike from someone who has owned the bike for 30 years and had started the restoration but ill health stopped the work. The mudguards had been painted red and from their weight and general look they seemed original. I intended to repaint them to a much higher standard and was surprised to find they have in fact been painted over chrome.

My question is were chrome mudguards available as an option on the UK spec bikes and were they the same shape as the non chromed ones? I have looked at pictures for a 1959 bike and the mudguards I have look right in terms of shape etc. If Chrome was an option I might have these rechromed instead of repainting them red.

I have found pictures of US spec Brochures but no UK spec brochure pics. Anyone have a pic or link?

Finally ...I have a fully enclosed chaincase which I want to retain as it is in good condition. Am I right in thinking that the upper and lower halves go on the outside of the swinging arm wheel spindle slots? The wheel nut I have looks too big for the case to go round it. If it does go on the outside and around the nut I might have some more fetling to do.

Thanks, Mike

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 apologies for stealing your thread, but I am also in the process of buying a '59 SR and unlike you am unsure of the provenance of much of my tinware.
It currently has the small export tank with pear shaped badges, I thought this tank badge wasnt until 1960 but then US and UK images seem to show both small round and pear shaped badges on this year.

I also don't have a decent front guard or stays and am wondering which chrome guard is closest to the '59 SR *dunno*?  Burton BB have the sports RR guard and also goldstar fronts.I believe the bike was a UK import but probably erring towards the american chrome rather than UK painted finish for the rebuild.
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Hi Mike. I've got a 1960 UK spec Super Rocket with all original tinwear. I was told it was supplied new to a UK dealer with chrome guards and twin clocks. The guards look exactly the same as the painted ones only in chrome along with the stays. I've checked the factory despatch record for this bike and there is no mention of anything different to other super rockets. Regards, Peter
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