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Re: New Guy
« Reply #15 on: 20.01. 2008 19:22 »
Just went  to  Lots of good stuff there.
I'll get some tools ordered up.  I see Roy Bacon's BSA Twins resto book is out of print.  May have found one though. 
I need to organize and box up a ton of Suzuki parts so I can spread out a bunch of BSA parts.  Ain't this how it always is?

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Re: New Guy
« Reply #16 on: 20.02. 2008 23:23 »
wow, that's quite the haul!!  should we start clamoring for what parts we need now, or wait for you to finish up as many complete bikes as you can first  ;)

John at britishfasteners was most helpful, and good about the order as well when something was out of stock or such.  check out their clearance or sale sections, I got nearly a full set piecemeal for a decent price.

what sort of Suzi parts have you?  I have a couple of old 80's GS's myself!  looking for an 80 GS850L control switch assembly for the left side (blinkers, hi/lo all on one four way button, gee, I wonder why they went away from that design!?)

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Re: New Guy
« Reply #17 on: 29.02. 2008 02:28 »
I have a bunch of early 80's GS 750 and 1100 stuff.  I was afflicted with the drag racing bug at one time in my life.  I'm sure I have a four way switch on the shelf somewhere...