Author Topic: Cable to Rod Conversion  (Read 506 times)

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Cable to Rod Conversion
« on: 22.08. 2011 18:02 »
Seen that mentioned several times on the forum. I'm currently running a cable set up with the QD drum. Not liking it greatly. I can see that switching to rod would be fairly simple except for the actuating arm on the brake pedal spindle. Does anyone make up something that would replace that or would I need to construct something from what I have? I presume that the original is forged and hence weldable.

And with apologies if you've been around the houses on this a million times before.

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Re: Cable to Rod Conversion
« Reply #1 on: 22.08. 2011 18:05 »
Hi Cyclobutch, yes a good mod I reckon, it's on my to do list (pretty near the top)
go here for info,3539.msg24215.html#msg24215
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