Author Topic: The forum rules, condensed version  (Read 3436 times)

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The forum rules, condensed version
« on: 11.09. 2011 00:36 »
For new members, the short-version of the Forum Info & Help content:

- For the 1st post, please start with an introduction post in Bikes, Pictures & Members, appreciated by all. & the 1st post requires answering 2 anti-spam questions.

- Update the profile with info about bike & location.

- Non-posting members are deleted within a few days. If you do not have any intention of participating do not register, just continue reading the forum as a guest.

- Any login or registering\activation problems, send a note using 'Contact' in the main menu.

- Post in the correct board, with a descriptive title. Start a new topic when a topic strays away from the original content\title >> avoid thread hijacking, please.

- Do not use capitals (SCREAM) in account names or topic titles & posts. This is a universally accepted rule in any forum.

- Personal Message (PM) is activated after 3 posts. When receiving a notification email, please do not reply to the email, follow the link in the email to reply.

- Do not quote complete posts unless very necessary, quote only the relevant content when needed.

- In the tech boards, please keep strictly on topic, and restrict chat & loose talk... it's the tech boards!, use Chat & Offtopic for all the rest.

- No large pictures from Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr etc. They all provide ready-made thumbnail links for forum use. If no thumbs available, upload photos to the forum. Please keep it all peaceful to the eyes, no animated avatars\embedded pictures, and use the smilies & special fonts\colors only when necessary.

- The forum is widely read, 10000's of links from Google etc, the quality of the content is what makes the quality of a forum, and the better the topic content, the more it can be of help to readers and A7\A10 owners.

- Moderators may edit\remove any content\post at any time if the content is deemed unfitting\not relevant to topic\potentially offensive\not adhering to the forum rules, or for any reason deemed appropriate.

- When writing some long & sophisticated post, read how to avoid losing it in case of being logged off, a pc or connection problem or whatever.

- Do not disclose any personal information (names, addresses, personal email or telephone etc) & do not use the same password\username on many (or all!) internet sites or forums. If there is a need to share info with another member, use your email or the forum PM (and remember anything on the net can (or will) be hacked).

- Members can edit their own posts (no time limit), use it whenever needed, but do not change too much after replying has started.

- Bumping is fine if getting no response to a question, wait a few days and post a reminder about needing help.

- The forum's aim is to be (stay) a friendly & helpful place, adhere to the current language & content code and all will be well.

See the top topics in Forum Info & Help for more details, please post any forum related questions there. Thanks.

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