Author Topic: Clutch "grabs" too quickly  (Read 1628 times)

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Re: Clutch "grabs" too quickly
« Reply #15 on: 14.10. 2011 10:00 »
Did BSA not have torque wrenches?
Oh I don't know but probably they did, they also built armaments which would be up to and tested to spec from ministry men.
However Bert on the assembly line would have a good idea where tight enough was after the first couple of hundred heads he had done.
and at home the average rider would be fairly safe with a standard length set of spanners unless he was called Dan and ate cow pies, trouble starts with that bit of pipe slipped over the end of the spanner *sad2*
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Re: Clutch "grabs" too quickly
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Hi Mike,
Did you remove the clutch , clean the taper and hub check the keyway etc??
Search on the forum for info on this
If the bike has been run with the nut not tight all sorts of nasties go on in there  *eek*

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